Stop Spot Leaks
When storing your Spot ink pads, ensure you trim any loose strings before closing the lid so it does't leach ink all over the place.

Stamp Random Patterns [submitted by Micki W.]
To achieve a "random" pattern, stamp images at least three times and try to create triangles with the images as you stamp them (i.e., don't stamp images all in a row). For truly random, be sure to change the orientation of the stamped image each time too. If I'm going to cover a whole area, I always stamp my first image towards the middle but off-center. It's easier to make the triangles that way.

Condition Your Stamps
The manufacturing process leaves a residue on rubber stamps. For best results, you need to remove that residue. There are many ways to do that - (1) clean the stamp with StazOn cleaner; (2) gently sand the stamp; or (3) rub with an eraser, paper bag, or denim fabric.

Emboss With Ball Point Pen [submitted by Susie G.]
Sign the back of your card with an ink pen. Immediately sprinkle with clear embossing powder and heat emboss. Gives you a shiny signature mark on the back of your card. Use this technique for any little spot you need a little shine!

Pop your Dry Embossed Pattern [submitted by Karen H.]
Unlike the Stampin’ Up regular cardstock which is colored all the way through, the Designer Series Paper (DSP) has a white core. Any of the SU DSP that is a solid color lends itself very well to dry embossing and sanding which brings out the white core and highlights the embossed pattern.

Punch Handle [submitted by Sharon]
Need to punch a piece of cardstock (CS) that's too small to hold onto? Cut a long strip of CS and attach to the 'good' piece with repositionable tape. Use this strip as a handle to allow you to insert the small piece of 'good' CS into the punch and be able to punch it.

The Smooch Spritz Roll [submitted by Linda H.]
The Smooch Spritz comes in glass bottles. To keep from having it all over your floor, place a rubber band around the bottle to keep it from rolling off your table! (Tip from  {Link to More Details}

Protect cards when mailing. [submitted by Karen H.]
Cut a piece of cardstock (the cheap stuff) the size of your card front and run it though the crimper. Lay this on top of your card and insert into the envelope with the crimped cardstock towards the back of the envelope. This will protect brads, bows, etc. while it's traveling through the mail system.

Browser font size too small? [submitted by Sharon]
If you have trouble reading the fonts in your web browser windows, Ctrl + will increase the size. Ctrl - will decrease the size!

Mailing a card [submitted by Sandi P.]
If you want to mail a card that has a small bump on it, cut an empty toilet paper roll down the side and insert it in the envelope over the 'bump'. It's the perfect size to fit in the envelope and do the job protecting your card during mailing!

Getting Clear Mount Stamps to stick [submitted by Karen T.]
Apply a layer of Stampin' Up!'s two-way glue to the top side of the label. Let it dry and it will leave a sticky layer that will stick to your acrylic block!  {Link to More Details}

Lining up a punch with an image [submitted by Sharon]
This video will show you how to mark your stamp images so that every time you punch that image out, the image and punch will line up every time! Video done by Tanya at Stamping T!  {Link to More Details}

Do you have a tip you'd like to share? Contact me and I'll post your tip with your name listed!