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Allergy Alert! I do have cats, so if you are allergic, please take any necessary precautions before attending.

New Catalog

Party at InkUp Studio, Virginia

Bring it on! The new catalog will be the focus of this party. So many great new products - including all those new luscious colors! You gotta come and check it out!

Come join me for games, prizes, and fun!

Check out the projects!


There are 22 friends planning to attend.

Sat Jul 10, 2010 - 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

  • Barbara K.
  • Barbara M.
  • Beverley H.
  • Cindy R.
  • Debbie J.
  • Debbie L.
  • Debbie M.
  • Doris A.
  • Ellie C.
  • Esther H.
  • Gloria M.
  • Janet S.
  • Janice L.
  • Jill L.
  • Kitty M.
  • Libby H.
  • Patti F.
  • Sandi P.
  • Sandy A.
  • Shiela P.
  • Susie G.
  • Wendy J.


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